Área de Investigación

The research area is responsible for carrying out systematic activities to generate scientific knowledge regarding innovation as a complex and multidimensional object of study. Although there is currently broad political, business and academic consensus on the relevance of innovation for the success of an economy in the global competitive scenario, the ways of addressing and studying the innovation phenomenon are still open to a variety of disciplinary approaches.


The IIBC’s research area takes on the challenge of addressing questions and concerns and offering explanations on research being conducted on innovation which, based on scientific evidence, go beyond the traditional predominantly economist and monodisciplinary approaches. In order to overcome these biases, our proposal is to focus on the cooperative and interdisciplinary analysis of innovation processes, exploring the genesis, configuration, regulation and impact of innovation in different scenarios.


Lines of Research

  • Policies and Institutions in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI)
    This line of work explores, from a comparative perspective, the political consequences, institutions, and instruments designed by the State for developing STI capacities that increase competitiveness and well-being at the micro, medium and macro scales, boosting the emergence and articulation of the diverse innovation systems.
  • Entrepreneurial Innovation
    This line inquires about obstructers and facilitators that determine the innovative/non-innovative behavior of a Company, opening up questions regarding topics such as: clusters, associativeness and cooperation networks; knowledge learning, absorption and management; entrepreneurship; markets; internationalization.
  • Knowledge Ecosystems
    This line examines mechanisms to increase the effectiveness of the investments made by the State related to STI, which are channeled through the universities and other research institutions, transforming them into the main engine for developing R+D+I capacities in the economy.
  • Science, Technology, Innovation and Society
    This line of work understands innovation not just as a resource to increase the competitiveness of an economy, but also as a powerful mechanism for change at different levels and scopes of society. To that end, it studies topics such as: scientific culture and valuation of science; social innovation; socio-technical controversies.