Formación de Capital Humano Avanzado

The Education Area is aimed at creating, commercializing, coordinating and executing academic and non-academic programs related to the competencies of the institute.

Academic Unit

The current academic programs that depend on the Education Area are:

Master of Technology Management:
This program is offered entirely in the city of Talca and is aimed at developing highly qualified human resources in management and leadership competencies for the management of technology innovations. Its main thematic lines are: management, innovation, entrepreneurship, projects, technology, and the development of “soft” skills.

Master of Technology Management with a major in Biotechnology:
This program is offered entirely in the city of Santiago and its purpose is to strengthen the country’s human capital to promote innovation processes linked to biotechnology and cutting-edge technology in companies, universities, technological institutions, State institutions and consultancy firms, among the most important target audiences. It seeks to build the capacity for contributing to the identification of opportunities for developing technology and innovation; designing and managing policies, strategies and instruments to promote innovation; articulating business requirements and funding sources for technology transfer; leading strategic, environmental, financial, and relationship management for new technologies, among other performance areas.

Development of new programs in response to market needs and in relation to the competencies developed within the IIBC and its region of influence

Non-Academic Unit

On the other hand, the Education Area is in charge of developing the following formats:

  • Closed Training Sessions: for companies or public institutions with specific training requirements
  • Open Training Sessions: created from the needs detected in the market or in the IIBC’s region of influence.